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Hey there! I'm Ms. Pyxie,

an intuitive life coach for kids!

As a mama and role model for all the wonderful kids I meet, my mission is to empower young minds with essential life skills and a strong sense of self-worth.

Through interactive games​ and heartwarming conversations, ​I create​ a safe space where kids can discover ​their unique strengths and talents​...setting exciting goals for personal and academic success.​ ​With my vibrant style, we'll infuse creativity, laughter, and a bucketful of excitement into our coaching adventures​!

Let's embark on an unforgettable quest

of self-exploration, where learning becomes an exhilarating revelation and personal growth becomes

the coolest thing ever!

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Fun Facts:

I ride motorcycles/dirtbikes!

Being outdoors is my jam! You'll always find me hiking, camping, backpacking or paddleboarding.

I love reading books and watching anime, k-dramas, and fantasy shows.

Do you cosplay and love dressing up in costumes? SAME HERE!

I kicked breast cancer in the booty...or should I say boobie?!?

I have a cat named Ninja, a dog named Nani, a husband named Logan, a daughter named Emberlyn.

Aaaaand...my car is named Athena (Goddess of Wisdom and War).

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Meet Your Coach!

  • Possess a playful and fun-loving demeanor that makes her approachable and relatable to youngsters.

  • Has the innate ability to empathize and understand their unique perspectives allows her to form strong bonds with kids of all ages.

  • Her patience and understanding create a safe and nurturing environment where kids feel comfortable expressing themselves freely.

  • Pyxie also excels at providing guidance and support without being overly authoritative, striking the perfect balance between being a friend and a mentor.

  • After battling breast cancer in 2011, Pyxie took a leap and decided to do photography full-time and opened her own studio (Pyxie Studios). Being self-taught, she created her successful business by developing lasting relationships with families she's worked with: from big weddings to intimate families to teens doing their Senior portraits and adorable newborn babies.

  • Since 2018, Pyxie has been an active event coordinator with various local mom groups and homeschool groups. She has years of experience with working with kids of all ages...from newborns to teenagers...leading them on various learning adventures.

  • In 2000, Pyxie continues her dedication to helping kids by setting up Wild Rangers, a local adventure club to help foster the love of our planet and children with events and activities to grow mind, body and spirit.

  • Pyxie has overcome so many obstacles (worm phobia, scared of the dark, super shy tendencies, motorcycle crashes, breast cancer, bells palsy) and still maintains a positive outlook. She's truly using the mind power skill to live her best life!

Coaching Packages

I offer coaching to kids/youth/teens ages 5-18 years old either in-person or online via zoom. single Sessions ARE $95/per hour.


free 1 hour Welcome Workshop

1 hour coaching sessions

take home assignments

email follow-up

Certification of Completion after the last session

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Mind Power


​With MindPower, kids learn the brain science behind mindset training. They learn that their thoughts shape their experiences and that they shape their thoughts. MindPower is the foundation for self-esteem, confidence, resilience, happiness, self leadership, achievement, and more!

SESSION 0 - Welcome Workshop

SESSION 1 - How Your Mind Shapes Your World

SESSION 2 - Power of Possibility

SESSION 3 - Building Neural Pathways

SESSION 4 - The Secret Radar in Your Brain

SESSION 5 - Power Shifting

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​With DreamPower, children learn how to create a vision for their lives so that they live life with intention versus drifting through life. They learn how to use goal setting to turn their vision into action and how to use the Law of Attraction tools of Visualization, Affirmations, and Gratitude to program their mind for success.

SESSION 0 - Welcome Workshop

​​SESSION 1 - Creating Your Vision

SESSION 2 - Goal Setting

SESSION 3 - Law of Attraction

SESSION 4 - Visualization

SESSION 5 - Affirmations

SESSION 6 - Gratitude



​With InnerPower, kids develop their inner compass – their inner guidance system for who they want to be in the world. They develop core values of self-leaders including self-responsibility, integrity, respect, and self-respect; learn a 4-step process for making good decisions; and learn how to say no to peer pressure and yes to themselves.

SESSION 0 - Welcome Workshop

​​SESSION 1 - The Power of Self-Responsibility

SESSION 2 - Choosing Integrity

SESSION 3 - Make Your Mark with Respect

SESSION 4 - Make Your Mark with Self-Respect

SESSION 5 - How to Make Good Decisions

SESSION 6 - Standing Up to Peer Pressure/Bullying



​Fear...Failure...Mistakes...Change: these challenges are instances that cause kids anxiety and depression. During these sessions, kids learn how to get back up again after falling down so that disappointments and failures don’t keep them from their dreams.

SESSION 0 - Welcome Workshop

SESSION 1 - Overcoming Mistakes

SESSION 2 - Managing Fear

SESSION 3 - Moving Past Failure

SESSION 4 - Managing Change

SESSION 5 - Conditional Thinking



​With MePower, kids develop powerful self-esteem and strong self-confidence from the inside out. They are learning to feel great about themselves no matter who they are with or what is happening in their lives. They also learn how to believe in themselves and go for it in life - creating courage and confidence and achieving their dreams.

SESSION 0 - Welcome Workshop

SESSION 1 - Developing Self-Esteem

SESSION 2 - Honoring Your Uniqueness

SESSION 3 - Developing Self-Confidence

SESSION 4 - Self-Talk (Mastering Your Inner-Voice)

SESSION 5 - Self-Coaching

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Jaymie 'Pyxie' Smith





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What is life coaching for kids?

Life coaching for kids is all about empowering them through mindset development. Kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives. As a certified WISDOM CoachⓇ, I use the story based program from Adventures in Wisdom™ to focus on the 27 powerful mindset skills. Stories are powerful learning tools because they make us think…and they make us feel. They imprint a picture in our mind and a feeling in our heart. This creates an experience and helps us understand. And they are a powerful way to connect with kids!

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Reasons to hire a life coach for your kids:

● When you see your kids struggling with low self-esteem — getting down on themselves, beating themselves up, or thinking that no one likes them.

● When you want to help your child be more successful in school or extracurricular activities.

● When your child is going through a big change, such as a move, a new school, or divorcing parents.

● When you see your kids struggling with confidence, shyness, or anxiety — shying away from new things or new experiences.

● When you want to give your child a jumpstart in developing self-leadership skills.

● When you see your child making poor choices with peers.

● When there are constant struggles at home around homework, chores, and other responsibilities.

Life Coaching vs Counseling

Although life coaching and counseling may have similarities, such as asking the important questions, listening, and finding patterns in people's lives, they are not the same thing.

Counseling is designed to help those with more serious issues lead a more normal, productive life or to get back on track – these types of issues might include anxiety, depression, or OCDs – moving past abuse or going through a personal crisis at home such as an illness or divorce.

Life coaching is different. It is about helping people get from where they are to where they want to be. For most people, that means reaching higher goals and creating greater success, creating more balance and happiness in their lives, and feeling more fulfilled in their lives and in their relationships – it’s about creating what they want.

In many ways, counseling is about resolving or managing issues from the past... whereas life coaching is about creating the future and helping clients achieve the ultimate vision they have for their lives.

Isn't That The Parents' Job?

People often confuse parenting and “life coaching for kids”. Life coaching goes beyond the traditional parenting roles of moral and character development and it goes beyond learning how to treat others and learning how to behave.

WISDOM Coaching is all about teaching kids’ empowerment skills and personal development skills so they can become self-leaders of their own lives. Think of it as leadership training for kids! What are taught are things even some grownups haven’t learned. The program I use is called the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids.

Through the program, kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives. The best part is...they get to learn it through stories! I work in partnership with parents as part of that parent’s team of trusted advisors to help their children thrive in life.




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